Saturday, August 29, 2009

there is nothing you can teach me that i can't learn from mister hathaway

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who checked out Art Feeds, it really does mean a ton to me. I really believe in what they do, and getting the word out about them just brightens my day and i hope yours too!!!

I'm officially a freshman. I'm not going to lie, this was one of the most nerve wracking weeks of my entire life. My first day really was scary. Lunch was awful, but now i've got it figured out. Everything has seemed to have fallen into place, things go rather smoothly with the daily routine and i'm so thankful to have made the friends I have made so far! I have yet to meet a mean person, which is always a plus!

My art and english classes are the ones i'm most excited about! I cannot wait to tell you guys more about them!!!

I'm really crunched for time and tired and busy but hey, that's why we love school, right?

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week and i'll comment soon i really do promise!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

This. Is. Important.

Ok guys I really really need your help! As you probably already know, i really really support Art Feeds and everything they stand for. Art Feeds is an organization that provides art programs for schools. They provide a creative outlet for kids who otherwise wouldn't have anything else! Well, right now they're really hoping to provide aid for Africa.

You guys, they're awesome!!!! And here is where your help comes in :)

Paypal. Wanna make a donation? Here sweety let me help you! haha! Well I'm going to provide you guys with a widget to help them out, and you're also going to be helping ME out! If i get the most donations, I also get a bunch of really sweet loot from the lovely folks at Art Feeds!!!

And you guys can add it to your page too! It really is not about winning, it's about helping out!

Ok so if you could help, thank you soooooo much!!! The widget will be in the side bar, and I'll update you on my first week of school later.



Sunday, August 23, 2009

Once upon a time

There was a little girl. Not just any little girl, but a very interesting girl with a lot of plans, dreams, hopes and emotions. But one day she woke up...and she wasn't really a little girl anymore. She had all sorts of responsibilities and more practical things to think about then her hopes to tour with a band, be a makeup artist, a mommy, and a photographer. For a very long while she was all down and depressed about thinking there was no way she could ever achieve these dreams....but then she remembered something.
If you don't believe in your dreams, who else is going to?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here Goes Nothin

I have a stripe
those are an after and a before
Someone tell me that you also feel as if NeverShoutNever! basically knows your whole life and puts it into music....because if I'm the only one.....well then that's awfully frightening. The new song, the un-named one that I'm pretty sure he's naming 15, is truthfully all me in a song. I can see my cousin writing that for me. Awwww haha
Well yeah, tell me how you feel about this hair dealio, pleaaaase?
I'm feeling like quite the narcissist today....hmph.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stay Close, Don't Go

Adventures to malls, Ulta, Sephora, Chuck E. Cheese's, Justice.....these were all adventures had on my long weekend. From Friday to Wednesday I was with my wonderful family whom I missed very very very much. My aunt Emily had a baby on the 15th and I had to see his sweet little face in something other then pictures, so the journey was made without warning but in a way that was great. I got to see my absolute favorite cousin for the first time in months, hugs were abundant and so was bonding with each other. I missed that kid. Ben, that's my favorite cousin's name, is super chill and a great listener. One day my cousins Max, Murphy, Gabby, and I took a little trip down to Chuck E. Cheese's. We found the coolest Target and took pictures. We also found one of the worst advertisements on a kid's ride I've ever seen in my life. King of Beer? Epic fail Chuck E. Cheese's, epic fail.

Another epic fail was brought to my attention for another time this weekend. I wish it was something that never ever ever had to be brought to my attention, I wish crimes against humanity weren't something ever brought to any one's attention due to the fact that they shouldn't exist. But sadly this isn't a perfect world and they are, in fact, a part of our lives.
There is a crisis in Darfur. I'm not sure of how aware you are of this crisis...this genocide. Really, I'm not so sure of how aware I am of all of this, but I do know that it breaks my heart. I know that the people there should not be oppressed, beaten, raped. I know that America really needs to help out, reach out. If you guys want more information about Darfur, you should go read this this. Actually, read that whole blog. Like....explore and such, because Mary is awesome. And she does a lot for Darfur. I adore her :)
I also know of an amazing organization organized by a lovely girl called Art Feeds. Please check out their myspace? It would mean a lot to me :)
I don't know how I feel about this post. I'm tired and grateful all at once. I also realize that that's probably the least I could say about the crisis in Darfur...don't judge me? please?
Happy first week of school to some of you :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Intentions

I had the best of intentions for this weekend and this week really, I had some things planned I wanted to do for the blog but instead life went along with it's funny way of changing those plans. The only thing I've really accomplished is getting a Jack's Mannequin CD and I've also picked up my school schedule and looked at my locker.

My brother's birthday party went well, he's such a sweetie and although I wish he would stay little forever, every step of his life (yes, step. he's taking some of those now) has been a cute and snugly adventure.

So I guess I'll leave you with some pictures of me and my family...and some of me and my cousin being cheese balls :)

I strongly recommend that everyone goes to see 500 Days of Summer, it's sweet and adorable and hilarious and I loved it!

Have a great weekend and, for some of you, last week of summer!


Currently Listening to: Before We Go Down by Carter Hulsey

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Shiny Teeth and Me

After two and a half years of those awesome brackets, tightening, power chains, lip bumpers, spacers, and some custom wires I'm pleased to present to you my brand new pearly whites!

That last picture has no editing, it's light and the fact that I layed out once this summer for about 10 minutes :) But honestly i couldn't care less, my teeth are BEAUTIFUL and I'm just oh so very happy!

Hopefully next week I'll be starting up my guaranteed weekly post, that will oh so very hopefully be a surprise to all of you :)

I'll comment eventually haha sorry I just get distracted...if you want a comment back, just comment MEEEE silly gooses! Oh and if you still have my link as "A taste of the good life" pretty pretty please change it to Hummingbird? Thank you :)