Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Good it can Get

So a couple things I haven't mentioned just quite yet:

One= my mom is pregnant! woohoo! I have a baby brother who will be one this Saturday (august 8), and he'll be 16 months old when the new one gets here. The due date on this little peanut is December 25th, this kid may get to share a birthday with Jesus!

Two= my family moved to a larger house across town, which is really cool I actually enjoy moving and having a new house that just smells new. My room is bigger which is nice, and so is my closet :)

Alright back to the scheduled programing?

I used to have these really really cool neighbors but they moved to California and I'm really excited to say they came and visited last weekend! They have 3 kids and are expecting twins (is it just me or is EVERYONE pregnant these days?) and I've always looked like i could just fit right into their perfect little blond haired blue eyed family :)

I went to a Wallflowers concert on Wednesday last week and that was very fun, it was a good night all around. Then on Friday me, my mom, step dad, brother, and friend Melissa all headed to my step dad's family's town to celebrate my little brother's birthday early. One year olds and cake is often a very fun thing, but it was also fun being weird and taking random pictures :)

Hunter's theme for his birthday was Curious George because that's what we consider him to be, a very curious little monkey who can get into trouble but is so cute it hardly matters :)

Right now, I'm just bummed I'm not at Warped in St.Louis because they've got some great names there today, including my absolute favorite...Christofer Drew :(

I'm also not at a Metro Station concert....*sigh*....haha don't make fun of me OK? Mayday Parade is opening, which is the only reason i wanna go!!!

Have a good day :)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Beginings

So...this is my second blog. I suppose it's kind of a testimony to change considering a lot of that has been going around in my life lately. A Taste of the Good Life just isn't me anymore, it lasted a solid year or so and i guess that's something to be proud of but i just no longer feel the need to post on it so why not start over? And of course the title is different, and a different header....I'm not so sure about that....constructive criticism would be nice :)

So let's see what have i not informed you lovely people about....gee....EVERYTHING?!

Well i finished up summer school and officially have one high school credit out of the way, how insane is that?! I took health and i made some super cool new friends and learned some interesting stuff. It was the quickest class I've ever taken which was nice, we had a quiz almost everyday and i feel like real school should work like that, it'd go a heck of a lot faster!!!

Not much else has been going on except last weekend i went to a Boys Like Girls concert....well technically i went because of Never Shout Never and i just so happened to meet my idol and get to chat with him after the show also which was simply amazing, it was a really really really fun night!!! He was quite easily the sweetest boy in the world which was awesome!!! I love happy people ha ha It was really fun cause i went with victoria and she's my 21 year old best friend haha it was great!

Well like i said I'm not sure what this blog is gonna be like...but if you have constructive criticism or want to added to the link list just go ahead and ask :)


p.s. since that picture was taken I've cut my hair all short and cute ha ha I'll have to post pictures sometime soon