Sunday, September 27, 2009

The only way to really know is to really let it go

On rare occasions, my camera does cool things

Today has not been a good day. It's pretty much that simple. I'm really really frustrated because I just cannot find a pair of jeans that fits decent and looks decent...I don't know what's wrong with me. Seriously, I don't feel that weirdly shaped sooooo shouldn't their be a pair of jeans for me? I hate putting this out there but hey who knows maybe someone will have advice? I have no butt at all but i definitely have hips and thighs? Oh and my calves and everything else are pretty normal....just the hips and thighs area is the biggest and on top of that, apparently my legs are freakishly short because even when i buy short sizes, I have to get them shortened. Anyone else have this problem?

On a lighter note....

I saw Jennifer's body! It was really good actually, I was expecting it to be some stupid movie about megan fox being sexy while killing people but it was actually good!!! I laughed a lot and was really sad when they killed off Colin :( We missed the first 15 minutes haha but that's ok! We pretty much figured it out haha

Do you have someone you would really want to call and just tell all your feelings to? Like, just call when you're having a really bad day and let it all out and wait for their advice? I have one but he's a little bit famous so i'm pretty sure it'll never happen....well unless fate somehow gets on my side someday

I hope you guys have all had a lovely weekend



  1. I wish I could tell you a great jeans fit..& I'm short too. Got to Target..and you wonder who are these designers making clothes for. Not me.

    I loved that paragraph about him being sort of famous. I hope you have a good week. I'm still fighting over a cold.

  2. Great that you liked Jennifer's body. You know I did. I hope good things happen for Kyle Gallner.

    Those jeans. I hate how that works out. I don't know if Oprah really has the answer. She goes on about this jean and that one...but they cost a fortune.

    Hope you have a good weekend and hope you are ready for cooler temps too.

  3. I so love that picture of you! I love your smile.

    Oh..Its funny, when I find those special jeans..I never want to let them go. I found some that just got more and more comfortable. I had them for years..then I noticed why they were so comfy..there were holes in the seams.. I remember in highschool a friend of mine..her boyfriend wore such huge bell bottoms and there were pockets..on the bell of the them..and he'd carry her notbooks around..even library books. He was an odd fellow.

  4. Hope you're having a good weekend.