Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's begining to feel an awful lot like Christmas

The weather is miserable, I thought I was ready for sweaters and uggs but I was very wrong. I miss my summer dresses. I also miss beachy waves....I'm at that stage where all you want is for your hair to grow, you know when you tug on it constantly as if that'd help it to grow any longer.

Thank you Dakotah and fam!

Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. Both my parents had to work so my friend Dakotah and her beyond amazing family invited me to come with them to have thanksgiving with their family. We played games and ate yummy food. I've found that i really like seeing how other families do things. You always feel that warm family love during the holidays....I just hope everyone gets to feel that.

What are your families holiday traditions? No matter what Holiday you celebrate!

infinite x's and o's,

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  1. I went to someone else's house as well this year, and it was tons of fun. We went on a walk in between dinner and dessert so for once I didn't get sick from overeating :)

  2. aw..that's so sweet. I do love your hair. Great color!

    Thanks so much for the sweet note. I do so appreciate it. Yeah, I always thought those 2 should have a chance together.

  3. i love belle of the boulevard!

    and your hair is sssoso pretty.

  4. Great to hear from you. That's sweet about Thanksgiving. Hope you have a wonder Christmas. Stay warm! Getting cold here too!

  5. i'm so glad you had a good thanksgiving! i had to do the same thing last year, thank goodness my friend was kind enough to have me at her house, with her family! and it was definitely a lovely time, although i did miss my family!

    one of our family traditions is before opening any presents on christmas morning, we read all the way through the christmas story of jesus's birth in the bible. oh, and my mami always make breakfast casserole and sometimes i think that's the only reason my big brother comes home for christmas :)

    hope you are doing well!

    <3, angelica

  6. Merry Christmas!

    We are having a blizzard at the um, hopefully we'll have Christmas dinner later this weekend.

  7. merry christmas! well, my dad is 100% hungarian, so we celebrate european-style on christmas eve with the immidiate family, then open gifts from my mom's side of the family on christmas day =)

  8. Hey, I hope everything is going OK for you these days. Miss you.

  9. Hello love.
    I am back! Well not really, just read my latest blog post to find out.

  10. Hiii! Do you remember me!?
    I had a blog that I have not updated for 2 years! & I've finally got back on the game and i remembered you from my old blog( Thought I'd let you know I have a new link ( :) - Its very empty right now! I hope you come back you havent posted in a while!x