Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm gonna miss this

I will miss football season. One more game? Really guys, where does time go?

Hope you're lives have been filled with love and joy...I'm getting there
Listening to: Cholesterol by Alexander
You're Hardly Alive by Darien


  1. Hey..what a cutie who had his arm around you. (grins)...Well, I love my Toms shoes. I want another pair. But I'll have to save up for the ones I want..which are a bit more fallish..browns or grays. They are soooo comfy. And when you have them on your just know they are going to be just as comfy for that person who gets a pair too. Its a good feeling.

  2. I so love the gold and white. The puppy too..and Ellie is right about that cutie!

    Thanks for the note. I hope you are having a mild November. We are.

  3. Its good to hear from you. So love the puppy. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. That puppy is actually adorable!!
    hope your well and that your having an awesome weekend!!

    loveya :] xxxxxxxx

  5. Hey! Happy Thanksgiving! Did you see New Moon yet? Um..I'm definitely team Jacob now. Bella so needs to wake up.

  6. Hi..hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving..thought, I'd let you know..I just got my second pair of Toms. These are waterproof boots. Just what I need this winter. I love them!