Sunday, October 11, 2009

She wants to do her own thing and she doesn't care if anyone is watching

Yo party people...

So, I've been in a smidgen of a rut. Actually, a rather large rut. That's alright though, because coming out of it has been really good and I'm feeling content and happy again. Maybe that means my blogging will be coming back! I have an idea that's going to push me to my creative limits blogging wise and it'll consume large amounts of time. I think that's what I need, to be occupied I mean. The more I'm bored and alone the more I think scary things. I'm going to try and be surrounded by those I love, and just take things one day at a time. Observing all the wonderful things I've been blessed with. Tell me four things you're thankful for....


I love you :)



  1. I especially love the heat right now..we had snow..brrrrrrr...its still cold. Love your hair!

  2. That's soo so sad to hear about your friend. Well, you are doing the right thing, surrounding yourself with friends and counting your blessings.

  3. I do understand. Its like a mystery even when everyone knows...this person. Its so shocking and sad and you feel you don't know what to say. Anyway, I hope you have some one to talk to. Stay strong. You are a good friend..which unfortunately, I might not be since I made a close friend mad when I went to lunch with some other friend who was in town. Now, its really hard for me to be around her. She's very passive I knew if I mentioned it (she was busy anyway) it would hurt her feelings. So I decided not to mention it to her..and well, it bit me in the butt. I guess.

  4. i love your hair too! you always look so adorably lovely! youre so right to try and have give yourself something to do instead of just sitting around being idle. it's so true that that's when all the weird and scary and paranoid thoughts come into your head. it's nice to be able to take a step back sometimes and be able to look and see how thankful you really are for your family and other blessings; refreshing, in a way. i'm so glad i finally figured out that my family was more important than anything in the world, and that i should be spending more time with them, rather than wasting it on people who didn't necessarily even care about me. it only took me, like, 18 years :)

    you're the best! and i hope you're doing ok!

    <3, angelica

  5. Yes, I love the hair. I hope you are doing OK. Its great to have a list like that too. All I've wanted to do is sleep lately. I can't seem to rest when I should. Always, something.

    Thanks so much for reading and the very sweet note you left me. I do hope you are having a wonderful week.

  6. 3.dreams 4.sea

    love the photo! i really like reading you're blog.
    hope you're well! :)
    beatriz xx

  7. :D
    I absolutely laaavee your hair soo much!!
    huggie... yeah surrounding yourself with friends and family is a really good thing to do... you figure out whos there for support and everything and i've learnt not to waste my time with people who clearly arent really a true friend and i'm becoming a master at distancing myself from those kinds of people :P but yeahh taking a step back and having a propa look at whos around you sounds like a really good idea =] i should try it sometime and stop taking my family and close friends for granted i mean they know i love them but i should show it just that little bit more i guess!!

    andddd i love ya too :]xxxxxxxxxx

  8. rummage sales, vintage clothes, my job, and my adorable little brother! love your hippie headband btw! =)

  9. How is your week. Hope you are staying well. & you get lots of treats!